We are human beings and we function based on knowledge. The aforementioned is a fact that nobody can ever disprove because man can be said to be synonymous to an empty robot that has no inbuilt memory but the knowledge we acquire, no matter  how negligible they can be, they always for the basis for our actions and reactions toward life and more towards the environment. Today the new knowledge is, what you know about waste disposal.


Your kitchen can be a lovely place you always love to be or a sub-environment you always detest because of its crumby smell. The above cases can either happen on a condition which is your waste disposal. How do you handle it and how do you take care of it, note I will only give you the vital ones in a brief sentences while you get the full details if more is needed from a local plumber, or employees at general hardware stores.

  1. Make cleaning of the inner rubber of the disposal a priority, which is located at the center because it accumulates dirt easily and it gives offensive odours because of this same reason.


  1. Orange peels have some in built chemical reactions, disposing them through your sink also prevent unwanted odours, this should be done by cutting them into small sizes for easy passage and for achieving main purpose of disposing it.


  1. Addition of ice sometimes into your disposal is an advantage. While ice will not sharpen the shredders (this is a common saying) but know that it doesknock off any debris buildup on the sharp edges that keeps them from grinding food properly, I will give a personal experience of this below.



  1. I once had issue with my disposal, because the pipes were blocked with oil and fat, it was a terrible experience as it disorganized my life and set my kitchen in disarray; a smelling bin that no one could visit. I called the local plumber as he helped me to go through everything. But it happened again, since I knew the cause, I chose to flush it through, making use of hot water but it was a terrible experience as the hot water unfroze the oil but it later coagulate together and the last was worse than the beginning. The solution to my problem was totally the opposite which was addition of cold water whenever I am flushing down the drain, even ice cubes can be added, this helps the performance of your disposal as I said above


  1. Avoid placing large or hard substances in the disposal. Such an act is not good for the small machine helping you to grind your wastes. And if placing a large substances is a must; cut them into small pieces but one thing should not be an option; placing hard substances into the sink. Common sense will direct you on those things to avoid but below are part of them:
  • hair
  • grease
  • utensils
  • children’s toys
  • glass, screws, nails,
  • plant or flower clippings
  • fabric, string, rags, or sponges
  • twist ties, pull tabs, rubber bands
  • cigarette butts or bottle caps, paper, plastic, or other trash


  1. Avoid fibrous and starchy items also for they are the beginning of the end for your disposal, so keep off such lanes.

I have listed a few things and I can say, knowledge has been imparted again this day and we can function better as I said at the beginning of this article. Let’s live a comely and a sheen environment; you know it is a priority right?

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